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Bicycle Invisible deck (Red)

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Bicycle Blank Face Cards (Red Back)

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Bicycle Blank Face Cards (Blue Back)

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With everything Bicycle® playing cards :

  • Unique Air-Cushion® finish for easy mixing and optimal performance
  • Printed on premium cardboard
  • Printed with plant-based ink
  • Specially designed card backs, symbols and picture cards
  • Fully recyclable playing cards
  • The fronts of the picture cards feature intricate and unique hand-drawn designs
  • Perfect for game nights, magic and playing card collections
  • Made in the USA
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With the Bicycle® Blank Face Blue Back Deck you have a versatile and fascinating deck of cards for your magical performances!

This trick deck contains only cards with blank faces and a classic Rider Back back in bright blue. Each card is blank on the front, allowing you to perform a variety of amazing card tricks.

The Bicycle® Deck is perfect for magicians and card artists looking for a deck that gives them maximum creative freedom. With the blank faces you can create various effects where cards suddenly appear, disappear, transform or teleport.

The bright blue Rider Back back adds an eye-catching and modern aesthetic to your performances. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or a seasoned professional looking for new and unique effects, the Bicycle® Blank Face Blue Back Deck is a great choice.

Amaze your audience with amazing card tricks that captivate their imagination and challenge their senses. With this deck you can unleash your creativity and create fascinating illusions that will be remembered for a long time.

The Bicycle® Blank Face Blue Back Deck is not only a tool for magical performances, but also a collector’s item for lovers of unique card decks. With its high-quality workmanship and classic Rider Back design, it is a must-have for every card collection.

Get the Bicycle® Blank Face Blue Back Deck today and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of magic and illusions! Be ready to amaze your viewers and give them unforgettable moments!

1 review for Bicycle Blank Face Cards (Blue Back)

  1. Rajesh

    Must have for magicians

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