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Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards Royal Purple Edition (Standard)

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Goblin Ghost Playing Cards by Gemini

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Honeybee Elite Playing Cards (Blue)

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Honeybee Elite Edition combined the beauty and practicality of a borderless deck with the incredible feel of our Elite Edition lineup of decks.

This gorgeous new edition returns Honeybees to their borderless roots with an edge-to-edge honeycomb pattern. Available in Red and Blue, these are the best decks ever for a night of Poker or for magicians and card mechanics who prefer a borderless design.

GREAT for gambling moves such as bottom dealing and second dealing. We recognized that many of these card-shark moves are even more deceptive with a borderless design, so we got to work on Honeybee Elite Edition. Like the rest of the Elite family, the Honeybee Elite are printed on our exclusive thin-crush Elite stock and are also traditionally cut – perfect for gambling demos, table faro shuffles, and more.

In addition to the custom back design and tuck box, each Honeybee Elite deck includes customized court cards, jokers, and an elegant Ace of Spades.

-New Borderless Design in Red & Blue
-Exclusive Elite Card Stock
-Traditionally Cut
-Custom Ace of Spades
-Classic Courts with Customized Colors
-2 Custom Jokers
-Double Backer and Blank Facer Gaffs Included
-Also Available as a Factory-Cut Stripper Deck


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