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Axis by Rizki Nanda


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Destroy the laws of physics by balancing a card box on just the edge at an impossible angle. No threads, magnets, or weights required. This is a balancing act that can be performed completely surrounded. This is Axis by Rizki Nanda.

Here’s what happens:

You tell your audience that you’ve been using a breathing technique that allows you to achieve perfect stillness, and you can prove it. You begin by removing a deck of cards from the box and balancing the loose deck on just two fingers. You then take it a step further by resting one corner of the box on the deck. The box is clearly over its center of balance and should fall, but it appears to ignore the laws of gravity. Then, you tilt the box over so that it is balanced at an impossible angle on just the smallest edge of the box. You can then pluck the box off of the deck and hand it out for immediate examination.

Axis comes with everything you need to go right out of the box. The gimmick is easy to use and hides in plain sight. There aren’t magnets, threads, or weights used to accomplish this incredibly visual effect. Taught in detail by Dalton Wayne, you’ll be performing this effect minutes after opening the box. As a bonus, you also learn a super visual deck balance from Jean Hughard. Magicians are always looking for crazy effects with a deck that aren’t just the audience selecting another card, and Axis is the perfect addition to your toolbox of dynamic card magic. Give your audience some precarious eye candy when you balance your box with Axis by Rizki Nanda.


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