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The Hoff by Josh Burch


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The Hoff is a hands-off miracle where the aces not only divine the card selected by the spectator, but you also get a killer transposition that requires no moves. Josh Burch is back with a killer approach to Hofzinser’s Ace Problem that your audiences will love. This is The Hoff by Josh Burch.

Here’s what happens:

The four aces are produced and then placed off to the side. A spectator takes the deck under the table and cuts the deck to select a card. With a wave of the hand, one of the aces mysteriously turns face down. When the selected card is revealed, it is discovered that the suit of the selected card matches the ace that has turned face down. The deck is placed back on the table, and after a magical gesture, the deck is spread on the table to reveal that a card has turned face up in the middle of the deck. Impossibly the face-up card in the middle of the deck is the ace that was face down, and when the face-down card between the other aces is turned over, it is discovered to be the selected card.

The Hoff comes with specially printed cards on Maiden Back cards that do all of the work for you. In addition to this amazing trick, you will also learn a fun ace production that you can use in your other routines. The Hoff is a killer opener for any card set and an engaging effect that will baffle your audience. Give your audience a card mystery that they will never forget with The Hoff by Josh Burch.


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